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College Applications

The Application Process is about showing admissions the most positive picture of your authentic self and what you will bring to their campus community. We help you create memorable applications that standout from the crowd.

Types of Services

The Process

We explain every aspect of the the application process, guide you through each step, and help you keep track of deadlines. Do you have questions about early action/early decision, how to use Common App, who should write your recommendations, or how to show "demonstrated interest?" We have the answers you need.

Personal Statements and Essays

One of our greatest strengths, we can help you select the right topic(s), craft memorable and authentic essays, then edit them for perfect grammar, structure, and word count.


We help students understand the process, prepare for interviews, and practice their skills in order to master the big day.

The Activity List

We help you put together the best list of extra-curriculars possible, including deciding what to list, why, and how to best communicate your achievements.

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