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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Understanding scholarships and the financial aid process can be overwhelming, especially making sense of all of the forms and formulas. We break down the process and help you make sound decisions for your unique situation.

Types of Services

Understanding Costs

Most students do not pay full sticker price for college. We help you understand college costs, your expected family contribution, and how to estimate your student's cost of attendance. 

The Forms

Did you know that the FAFSA will be completely new for 2024-2025? Should you complete the FASFA or the CSS profile? Don't stress. We can help you make sense of the chaos and complete these forms quickly and easily.


Need help navigating the Zell or Hope scholarship process? We're here for that. We also help you find and apply for the right scholarships for your student, whether from the institution, a business, a non-profit organization, or the community. Need to support for writing an award-winning essay? We do that, too.


Don't crush yourself with unmanageable debt. We help you understand the federal loan process from beginning to end, including what pitfalls to avoid. We can also help you decide whether private or federal loans are best for your unique situation.

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